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SISTAR Bora y Hyolyn para GRAZIA 

Mad Clown x Hyolyn

Mad Clown x Hyolyn

We’re the B.E.S.T Sistar!

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Sistar might not have the largest fanbase but in my heart they are the best and I believe that one day people will appreciate their hardwork. SISTAR is truly amazing and I think they are all beautiful and unique,  just give them a chance because these girls are working hard to entertain all of us. They are strong individuals who get a lot of harsh comments and hate on a daily basis which isn’t easy. Please give them lots of love and support them! Fighting!

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Give it to me - [x]

Push Push - [x]

Hi ! - [x]

Talk - [x]  Speaking Cantonese - [x]

Soyou Fan Service - [x]

Some (Soyou) - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x]

Let it go (Hyolyn) - [x] - [x]

If U Want - [x]

The way you make me melt - [x]

Diamonds (Hyolyn & Soyou) + Burlesque - [x] - [x]

Crying - [x] - [x]

Hello/Goodbye (Hyolyn) - [x] - [x] - [x]

Bad Boy - [x]

Hey you - 

So Cool - 

Gone not around any longer (Sistar19) - [x] 

GNAAL + Ma boy (Sistar19) - [x]

Alone - [x] - [x][x] 

Loving U (Encore) - [x]

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Before all of duet activities, let’s admit, Soyou is famous for nothing special in SISTAR T.T

Hyorin joins Immortal Song and is always acknowledged for her singing. Bora is famous for her athlete skill in sport competitions. Dasom may not be an outstanding actress but she has got quite a lot of…

Hyolyn tan linda!!!

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